I had a great experience with this company . Michael Culp definitely knows this market and how to get to the closing table . I was able to refinance into a much lower rate saved me hundreds each month took 15 days to close . Highly recommend .

By - J.G.


I had to take the time to say thank you to the AE Team . They got my loan done with exceptional customer service . Thank you !

By - Deborah G.


I want to say thank you to a great team of hard working dedicated people for making my loan a successful process with the best possible outcome...way to go team AE

By - Shara J


Communication with the team via email, phone service is superb! I highly recommend them, thank you........Mahalo!

By - Thank you !


Happy to recommend this company they did a great job and I got a great deal.To the staff at American Executive from myself and my family will always be grateful.

By - Sara K.


I would recommend this company because they are good at helping people with thier mortgages . Michael Culp and Lisa Lewis were very helpful I strongly recommend them both.

By - Lula Staton